Run Dem - Foxy Brown feat Baby Cham

[Foxy] Whoa
[Cham] A wha de blood claat dem fool dem

[Foxy Brown]
Who the f_ck told b_tches they could do what I do
And all of a sudden all y'all b_tches got accents too
Bad gyal, b_tches can't do the sh_t that I do
Sometime a gal figure it cool - hoo hoo hoo hoo; whoa
I tell a motherf_cker this
Some n_ggaz nowadays move worse than a b_tch
Ans as for this chick, me love bum flick on bad man d_ck so
Got the p_ssy; I got the live fo'
I'm a grown ass b_tch with my own ass sh_t
Now heat dis and I wan' chat me a go BUSTIN a secret
Y'all big bot-ty man, ya have look man bottom
P_ssy watchman, you a trace gyal patton
F_ck who, n_ggaz wish they could f_ck me
Like they never seen a hot gal act like we
Big bumba claat star, push hot car
Big hood, and love back way all day
And the way my man f_ck, can't even stand up
And when he gets stiff it cum like ten d_cks
Take it through my hole right through my appendix
I got a message; whydontch'all motherf_ckers sit on this?

[Chorus 2X: Baby Cham]
From a puss hole, dis man we shot down
If a fass hole fi dead man we back down
If a gun shot fi bust man we clap down
An if a riddim fi ride man we rock down

[Foxy Brown]
Out of all the broads in the game, Fox is the baddest
Picture me f_ckin with a n_gga half my status
Bad gal bust big gun and no wan' see me back it
Move ya bumba hole, bwoy gwon mind ya jacket
How dare y'all motherf_ckers even spit my name
Cool na man, 'fore I have you X'd out the game
And tell dem all you young p_ssy like sugar cane
And buck yat take beer owed by queer, oh dem where dat?
Bet you wish you lucked up, and got a quick nut
Wouldn't f_ck you if I was horny, or pissy-ass drunk
Lucky I don't f_ck around and get you stuck up
Waitin outside your studio, collect your dub bucks
B_tch - f_ck around and get that n_gga gun buck
Outsider fully loaded with the gun stashed up
In front of cactus, chrome fo'-fifth
And a bag of full clip for n_ggaz with loose lip - FIYAH


[Foxy Brown]
How many times I got to let y'all b_tches know I'm
one of a kind, can't f_ck with mines
See when Fox in the place, pure hotness a gwan
when I bust wine we na watch ya face, gwan
Ya too fraud, sound ridiculous
I'm the only Trini b_tch that can kick yard sh_t, FIYAH
that can kick yard sh_t FIRE
What you know about skin out and bruck out
Like a bad gyal bunny hot style, pop pure style

[Baby Cham - repeat 2X]
Look at this wannabe's comin around me
Sick of thes fake G's tryin to clown me
Why these/you n_ggaz be tryin to drown me
I'm tellin you fools no one can bound me

[Chorus - repeat to end]

[Baby Cham ad libs at end, w/o beat]

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