Goodbye Lovers & Friends - Franz Ferdinand

Don't play pop music
You know I hate pop music
Just sing amazing godless grace

Don't wear bright colours
You know I hate bright colours
I never liked you for the way you dressed

Goodbye lovers and friends
So sad to leave you
When they lie and say
"This is not the end"
you can laugh as if
we're still together
you can laugh about it all

I hope you didn't bring flowers
Hope you didn't write a poem
Hope you remember every fight

I know I could be noxious
Or occasionally cruel
But only to the ones
I loved

Goodbye lovers and friends?

Don't get inventory
Don't fake your memory
Don't give me virtues that I never had
Don't get sychophantal
We never were sentimental
I know I took more than I ever gave

I don't need to be forgiven
But a moment from the living
That's the only thing I ask

Goodbye lovers and friends?
?you can laugh as if
we're still together
but this really is the end

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