Thug Warz - Fredro Starr feat Napoleon & E.D.I. Mean

All my real street n_ggas throw your guns up
Throw your guns up, throw your guns up

[Chorus ]:
I'd rather have enemies
Cause fear lasts longer than love
In the streets nothing stronger than thug
We all bleed the same color
Whether your Crip or your Blood
You want war we'll be comin' with slugs

[Fredro Starr]:
Yo, yo
Th head n_gga in charge, king of New York
Greatest of all time, you wanna talk streets, let's talk
We are the streets, Forever check my war report
There's no way out except Entertainment, Drugs and Sports
Feds try to shut us down, without a Reasonable Doubt
Supreme cliental Legal Drug Money on paper routes
Til the death do us part for Money, Power and Respect
My road to riches don't want dies like Life After Death
It's Hell On Earth, the block is hot 400 Degrees
The truth tell us what envy All Eyez On Me
A top dawg said Da Game is to Be Sold Not Told
Pulled out the Illmatic, 16 shots to your dome
Capital Punishment, Black Trash trapped in crime
The ghetto's trying to kill me, License to Ill, criminal mind
To understand there was a Comin' of Age
We n_ggas fo' life, diaster strike on Judgement Day

[Chorus x2]

I ain't got time for them lies, I gotta get mines
Motherf_cka ask Shyne, he'll tell you I rise
Do 'em dirty this time, worked with Phillis this time
You outta line tryin' to war with us shootin' that nine
Got a our back against the wall, so it's ball or die
Outlaw wha? cause of course you hate it, watch how we rise
N_gga I street talk, the gangsta walk to be like this
Then I load 'em up, one by one shootin' don't miss
It's a critical game, we pledge plead for this blood
If you a thug it don't matter, the crypt fo' this cause
Outlaw motha, f_cka then bust yo' rocket
Firestarr and nother attack yo' pocket

[E.D.I. Mean]:
Yo, it's serious biz, we hand deliver this sh_t
If you want, it's door to door service
Hand 'em and scream makes it more worth it
Hold up I'm lying cause sh_t I'm gettin' money now
So I drop fifty thou and take a trip back to the isle
Come back to the states like sh_t what a vacation
My mind on Makaveli and this money we takin'
I'm gonna bust 'em and then vacate the scene
Before the sireen's scream, 2001 look how my team gleam
Comin' up quick, like we out there pitchin' them birdies
Terrorize the whole game, with my n_ggas from Jersey
And if you in the way well sh_t you be there long (huh)
We head strong, so f_ck it n_gga let's get it on

All my real street n_ggas throw your guns up
Throw your guns up, throw you guns up (x2)

[Chorus x2]

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