Download The Destruction - Full Scale

I'll bless you with a smile
Just come to understand your place here
You're faceless

Take shelter for a while
Underneath my wing of thorns and bile
My child

It's all the same and you're back again
And you're hoping
You've been here before

You're not to blame but you're back again
And you're coping
Just drop to the floor

And please download my destruction

Check you're screen like a little sponge
There's a good boy
Thinking no more
Run along and cry to mother

Find a way to be understood
With a modem
Strapped to the door
Thinking was always underrated

And your square eyes
Don't look so bad in this light
The cancer only bothers you at night
Dying slowly never looked so appealing
Who needs scars
When it's death you're cheating

You don't feel the time
With curtains drawn
You fall in love with girls
You never saw
Sitting in your filth don't feel so bad
It's nothing, nothing

Now you're home with your feet up
She's just a bore
Better find a better boredom
Take a shine to the little ones
But it's money
I need some more
And I'd kill my neighbour
To smell it once

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