Sixteen Today - Full Scale

I wasn't born here sir, but yes I live here
Can you help me sir, I'm dying here
I come not for me, but for my brother
He's a teenage boy and yes, he's dying here

I came across the ocean,
Three long months I spent,
Every one of those days
Scratched into my arm
Now I come here for forgiveness
I come here to be free
I'm dying, yeah I'm dying, I'm dying

So I'll fight fire with fire,
And I'll take back the game,
And I'll grow up twisted and blank in a cage
I turn sixteen today

Listen to the spin, we're not being persecuted
Then you bomb our country to liberate the persecuted?
I wrote a letter just the other day
I got no reply so I thought I'd say
That I'm dying, I'm dying, I'm dying

I turn sixteen today.

Days on end
It's like I'm getting older
Bless me friend
It's like I'm growing colder
Days on end
I'm looking over my shoulder
Bless me friend
It's like I'm growing
I'm thirteen, I'm fourteen, I'm fifteen

I'm sixteen today

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