I Am - G-Dep

[Kool G Rap]
G Rap with my n_gga G-Dep
We about to do it Gorilla style, u heard
It's a Igloo-Badboy collabo thing u know
Y'all n_ggaz ain't ready for it
Coming rambo style n_gga
2 guns up
Y'all n_ggaz better duck down
I'll get your cap lifted off
Thats how we doing it for the new millennium u heard

[G Dep]
Regardless of the wait i'm gonna stay straight ghetto
Everybody high, don't nobody say hello
Even when the sunshining it ain't yellow
Get out of the borough
If u know it ain't thorough
N_ggas play ball, AWOL, on the furlow
Still came down on the furl and pumped hero
Red and grey Macs
Keep it clean as Ajax
Ghettos sling cracks
While u n_ggas pay tax
Now how ghetto is this
u can catch me in your hallway taking a piss
One hand on my d_ck one hand on a spliff
Burnt lips from the roach clip, yellow tips
If we aint closed it I get ferocious
Know this whole sh_t will leave me in them roaches
In your car motion I cause commotion
And i probably need some lotion
But i don't get f_cked

[G Dep (sung)]

I am
(a ghetto n_gga)
A ghetto n_gga you can tell in a talk
On the corner selling the snort
It's hell in New York
Won't stop for a minute cops telling you hawk
Fake guards telling you pork
Settle for shorts
Running from court
New ports, criminal thoughts
On the blocks bodies acourt
Nobody supports

It's a ghetto n_gga thorough n_ggas that get cake
Five boroughs of n_ggaz do his ? a ? flip weight
Change garments to trick Jake, u dis jake
I want it yo I got warrants in six states
They come in a stolen whip with switched plates
Stickers hate I never leave a bread to trace
Only evidence I leave is hickies on chicks' face
In the corner with the crooked n_ggas
But yo sh_t's straight
We start war to leave with these seven revolvers
Sell case never test the floor
Sticky yank slicking enough y'all
I'm a man enough to put on a dress
To creep up like grand-moma and bust y'all
Get close enough to part your vest and tux off
Who would have thought the lady with the car would crush y'all
Too smart to get caught
But I got fam up north
So if they put me in coughs
I'll call f_ck y'all


[Kool G Rap]
Knock back the hammer smell the
Pop that cantelope
For the venom in my python spit
It ain't no antidote
Jackpot from crack blocks
I was a man of dope
Snapshots to get your camera broke
You hoes used to plan a gross
With the hands toast
Close and stand opposed
Rubber bands she knows
Grams of the coke
Razor blade tuck the side the line
The banter of the coke
Watching n_ggas die with my hand on their doe
Singing with the bass
And wash up the ?land? when they float
Choking on your own words
Should have watched the ground when u spoke
One last final approach
Make your whole family ghost
Bust bottles of cham and and we toast
Till your photo stamped in the post
Sex gland cut off jammed in ur throat
Man are u gross
B_tch hanging from the lampost
We shoot from up close
Blow canners the most
Catch an overdose
N_gga we own the coast

[G Dep (sung)]

I am
(a ghetto n_gga) [X2]

[Fade Out]

(feat. Kool G. Rap, Rakim)

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