Super Girl - Gin Blossoms

It's been such a long time since I've seen you around
I ran into your brother who said you were back in town
It's just so funny to see you in this dive
It must be so different when you're eight miles high

Supergirl flying through the atmosphere
Touching down in Paris, soon be in Tangiers
It's a superhero's welcome when you finally come back down
But even when you land you bet your feet don't touch the ground

I heard about your father, and it was sad to hear
I would have made the service, but I thought it might be weird
My family sent some flowers, he was such a kind old man
That time he caught us kissing behind the old bandstand


Sometimes late at night when I'm all alone
I watch the airplane lights, make my way back home
I wonder if you're flying somewhere up in the clouds
While the rest of us are stuck here down inside the crowd

Are you ever lonely in some motel room
Looking out the window at an ever-changing world?
Can you please fly back as when you and I were young
If anyone could make it, you're gonna be the one


Can you hear me calling?
I don't think she can
Can you hear me calling?

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