Untamed Gorilla - Gorilla Zoe

Ya I'm an untamed Gorilla
Hit you wit a slug
No its 9mm
Find me in the projects straight hood n_gga
Red beep beep
Yes sir Im gunna hit em
I'm an untamed Gorilla
Ya I make the chain do flips I'm a wizard
Real n_gga say (Hey)
If you go throw money like confetti then let it rain
I'm 8 towns hannibal
Mo F_ckin cannibal
Untamed Gorilla b_tch you should of fed the animal
See I been to hell and back
Sold weed, sold crack
Bust first, bust back
F_ck beef whats that
Kill them, sh_t to lose
Sh_t to prove
Whats the move
Time to eat
Wheres the food
Barrel to the head
Bust a tooth
You know what a man n_gga gunna do
You know what a man n_gga been through
Now you don't want beef with you know who
Tell me what I do
Stay strapped

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