Raisin' The Stakes - Groove Armada

raising the stakes and rhyming em breaks

we started from hooligans
with brothers that shoot at jobs
take it back around the way
trying to build a future form
our peoples are still lost
get through no matter cause
we run it out of town
but you still wanna floss
not because you getting money
don't mean you better off
can't join that late nights
now take that Gucci sweater off
too heavy for rap
have to take a slight measure off
?spin that george broth back
you in that white colored cloth
like Oliver North
my fate detected
my feelings is forced
bullets get ejected
mothers scream into ours
I've been through the force
sauteed rappers with sauce
and mix them up with tofu
and no beef of course
when I say give me some room
and I mean a loft
big b_tchin too fast scenery from the boys
greenery live with the torch
a bad piece hitting New York
you can't listen if you know that you're soft
jump on the stage
chain rattlin
the lance is street hagglin
underground scriptures thrown at you like a javelin
tone of my voice unravelin
they fall in about as quick as you know time is travelin
can't you imagine that you see me every day on the streets
from crown heights to castle
in the comfort castle back into my own speech
the time in Cologne
that flavors have flown
earn a few shillings then I'm heading back home
setting the tone
and raising the stakes
and rhyming the breaks
high school flows giving rappers the shakes
on the corner posted up
Henesy styrofoam cups
man we still living it's surprising like what
bring on the skeptics
let them know ten years fully vested
been down like Amadeus blend the eclectic
respected like the full pound
it's like Horatio girl you gotta love the way it's going down
raising the stakes
and rhyming the breaks

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