Oh My God - Gym Class Heroes

Vision lies the 3rd dimension
Now pay close attention
Keep you fist clenchin
as i begin my assention
feel the tension
of this name you never mention
if you do ill have they're ass sitten in detention
in the school of hard knocks
i block shots and take props
im like new york city at 12 oclock when the apple drop
at 12 oclock when the apple drop

Oh My God [5x]

check the illmatic
evil flows kinder a static
crazy ill finatic, sick physco simatic
like an addict
only accideted to them fat beats
you better take a seat
before the lyrics and the music be too late
you better cordinate you feet
before i blast that ass
you'll be outkastin like a black sheep
dont believe me what will it take for you to see me
or get this sh_t stright til we be busting out your tv
like VR bout to smoke you, like a cigar
wont be satisfied until you recognize who we are
im so crazy like martin, farting fire like cartin
be witness to these lyrical riots that i be startin
if your real, we friends to the end like chuckie
and if not, youll live if your lucky
and if not, youll live if your lucky

Oh My God [4x]

Yo yo
that red means stop (stop)
but that green means go (go)
Streth my mind catch a rhyme like steve percipio
but i dont skate i just been known to rip a mic
until i get pissed off
and just might throw this mic at you
you cant escape it just like death when it comes
i can see it, you catch a kick like them yamaha drums
and thats the bricks, as i lounge like a fat rat
you bust back and might catch a cat, rat-a-tat-tat
the one and only always real, never phoney
look to the sky, the world is mine like tony
aint no scars on my face, and i dont sniff coke
i aint got my own place, and my pockets is broke

I'm reppin self, to hell wit anyone else [3x]
I'm reppin self

So just hold ya head, and say Oh My God
Hold ya head, and say Oh My God
Grab a hold of your dread and say Oh My God
Oh My God, Oh My God

Is this real?

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