I Think Its - HeadStrong

i think its cold, what you did to me
i think its hot, how mad i really got
i think its trust, or am i really sure?
i think its wrong, the games you played

Here, i thought i knew!
I know it was you!
i think you were wrong

i think its right, for us being through
i think its wrong, what you claim i did to you
i think its my opinion that matters,
now that your gone,
this bands opinion is ROCK ON!

Here, i thought i knew
i know now, that it was you
i think you were wrong,i know i was right,
at least nothing bad happened, no yelling, no fight

i think its bull
i was thinkin whos who?
well, i know who i am, but who are you?
i know it was you
you swore it was me,
but in the end it turned out to be
me without you, and you without me

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