We're Going to Live for a Very Long Time - Heaven 17

I don't care about life
Or the world around me
i've got a place to go
I don't care what you say
Words cannot harm me
You're going down below

Come and join the fun on the way to heaven
Come and talk to god on the party line
If you can't be bothered, we don't need you
We're going to live for a very long time

I don't care for your views
Or your style of living
You're going to fail the test
You can argue all night
I have no misgivings
And I never get depressed


You may think that it's strange
This is all I live for
But you can't understand
If you listen to me
I'll explain it carefully
You must know I am right


He'll give you one more chance
Now's the time to take it
He's waiting for your call
You'll be up there with me
We'll be grinning in heaven
When the day of judgement comes


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