Some Days Are Long - Holly Throsby

All these times behind us they go on by so fast
We like this fine old house around us
Look at how it lasts, just like us it lasts
So I hold on to you 'cause I get so frightened that I just can't get things right
And you slowly slip your hand from mine 'cause you're forcing me to try

Some days are long
They make the nights seem ages away
And I work so I'll be strong
Not to hold you down but to let you go

From time to time those letters arrive and I say 'go if you want to go'
And the phone might ring for me late at night and you say
'He can call if he wants to call; it's ok to call who you want to call'

I don't want to weigh you down baby
I don't want us sinking like stones
I don't want to be kicking myself when you're gone

Some days are long
And old age is ages away
So I'll work while I'm still young
Not to hold you down but to let you go

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