100 Percent of Something - Hoodie Allen

I said my tour just sold out
Album's been bought out, girlfriend might put out - terrific
Oh that's the good route, sh_t that you dream 'bout
Now that you got it feels different
I don't need no one, no one to tell me
Everything will be alright
Hair just like Elvis, hands on her pelvis
But let me delve in

[Verse 1:]
I said I got a lot of dreams and you got a lot of needs
So there ain't a lot of time for me to help it
And I ain't slept in nearly 20 weeks, is that healthy?
I'm making money when I go to sleep, is that wealthy?
I'd rather talk about my self esteem but that's selfish
Lot of folks complain about the cards that you dealt me
But I'm still here shuffling the deck, yo what's come of it?
Used to know it all, now I'd rather just discover it
So f_ck it, man, I said f_ck it, man
Yo, f_ck it, man, I'm just a lucky man

Baby I want it all [x2]
And I can't run away, don't know what to say or do anymore

[Verse 2:]
She like "oh you so worried about getting bras and sh_t"
Comin' to my shows just to hear applause and sh_t
They get mad at me when the fans throw they bras and sh_t
Tryna tell me that it ain't part of my job descrip
I'm re-writing the history either way you interpret it
My life is like a circus the way these clowns have been surfacing
But you had my back, you memorized every word
Maybe bridges are meant to be burned
And when he gave you passes, I was gassed I can't lie
But I was busy living out my passions, that's why
My friend's just laugh, it's funny
The type of sh_t I'm mad at
90% is love, but all we hear is the bad
I wish I could take back the time we wasted talking 'bout you
I wish I could take back the time we wasted being mad
The funny thing about it's that I'm better off without you
It'd be worse if nothing changed
So now I'm glad that I matter on my own
Yeah I matter on my own
Really out here on my own
And I just thought that you should know


And I don't want to let this thing go
Cause they leaving me with nothing, nothing
Leaving me with nothing, nothing
On my own
I'd rather just watch it all grow
Cause at least I got something, something
100% of something, something
On my own

[Hook x2]

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