Act My Age - Hoodie Allen

[Verse 1:]
They say the way I act is immature
Well don't be mad at me because you're feeling insecure
The only golf I ever tried to play was miniature
And when you ask me sign your boobs I smiley face my signature
But my parents raised me right, they were sticklers
And we don't even fight, we're like oil and some vinegar
Getting a job is like a pregnant woman giving birth
You're trying to push me in the wrong direction and it f_cking hurts
So most our friends already moved out of they mama's cribs
I'm still throwing parties at my house, like Stifler
So if you go around and try to tell me how to live
I'mma take your girl and Mortal Kombat finish her

But when it's done and the party shuts down
And the cops try to lay my ass on the ground
One day we might tell our kids, but until that day let's live like this

My friends grew up, they never get drunk
They never wanna hang out late
They're gonna get jobs, they're gonna pay bills
They're gonna get old and gray
I'll never do that, I wanna stay young
Don't wanna fit in, I wanna have fun
So if that's okay, I don't think I'm ever gonna act my age

[Verse 2:]
And when it comes to getting older
No matter what I do, I'm never feeling like a grown up
People trying to make me change, you'd think there was a quota
Like there ain't enough unemployed motherf_ckers with diplomas
Everybody waiting 'round hoping that they blow up
But I'mma make it sooner, Oklahoma
I learned to be a player, make money like I'm an owner
These other rappers are so over the hill, word to Jonah
So if you see me in a restaurant, say hi to me
And if I ask you if you like my new sh_t, lie to me
Word to Tim Roth
And I don't know if I fit in with your society
So chill, take a pill for anxiety and doze off

[Pre-Hook 2:]
But when it's late and you're all alone
And you're too damn drunk to be walking home
Then maybe you should call it quits
But until that day let's live like this


Oh, it's all good, it's alright, it's okay
We can live however we want
And there ain't nobody that can get in our way
Oh, it's all good, it's alright, it's okay
We gon' do whatever we want
Never gonna listen to a word you say


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