Back to The 50's - Hoodie Allen

Aiyyo! My name is Steve Witz
We got Obey on the beat
Go by the name of Hoodie
Uhn, It's Hoodie Allen
Yeah, yeah, It's Hoodie Allen
Aiyyo, let me get serious for a second right now

[Verse 1]
Aiyyo, I made myself some promises
Some New Years resolution sh_t
Try to patience in my life but I be losing it
There's no confusing it, I kinda got so nervous
Community service man, I still think that it's worth it
But I want to show my younger brother just how he should live
I hope Amanda's lying, I'm too young to have a kid
What a trick, so now I'm flying up, potato locka
Arrested for seduction, you say I'm Frank Sinatra

And I wanna go back to the 50's
I wanna be down, acting shifty
And we could be the talk of the town
Everybody get on the ground
I wanna go

Aiyyo, I made myself some promises
Just had to acknowledge it
I became a college kid, too lazy to follow this
I'm being honest cause truth just ain't a commodity
Let's go and pretend to be who we wanna be, gotta be
Honestly, I got this drama in the worse way
Wrote this on my birthday, the minute I heard play
Those were the worse days, Big even said it
Cause when I get on tracks you know I'm big headed
But sooner or later, we will be super stars
Get girls with super bras and tell them to take it off
Inside of my suped up car, I couldn't assume this
This wasn't the reason we was making this music
Do this as a rebel because my cause on the scene
I wanna be a young James Dean, know what I mean
Ironically, we become icons, ladies pull your Nikons
Say "cheese" with the lights on, I'm gone


[Verse 3]
I wanna go back to that place where we used to be
Michael J. Fox, in to the future B
And where we're going, we don't need to feel it mutually
I just be Fonzarelli cool, so the cool you see
She just needing jewelry, then I'ma need a exit quick
Cause I don't spend sh_t unless you excellent
Get it? You got the best of it, now lets go


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