Dumb for You - Hoodie Allen

[Verse 1:]
I am just a man on my own
(La da da da da da da)
Tryin' find a place I belong
(La da da da da da da)
I don't want your money, I don't need no fancy clothes
I'd rather be with you when I am broke
Cause you use me just a little bit
You try to confuse me when we're intimate
You'd rather accuse me but I'm innocent
I'm not gonna lose sleep over sentiment

I feel dumb, dumb, dumb for loving you
I feel dumb, dumb, dumb for trusting you
I feel dumb, dumb, dumb when I'm done with you
Cause ain't no one that can f_ck with you

[Verse 2:]
They callin' me the people's champ
(La da da da da da da)
But everything you do is a sham
(La da da da da da da)
I'd rather just hang with my friends
Sometimes I think that things will change
And then I land in your bed
And it don't feel like it's the first time
You're everything I want and you're not mine
You keep saying I can live without him
I say put your money where your mouth is
Come back to me when it feels right
Kiss me so hard you make me fight
One more time, just one more time, just one more time


[Verse 3:]
Real talk, I'm the white boy to you Wes Snipes
I'm East Coast but it's all love on the Westside
Your girlfriend is a close friend of my bedside
She want Ds, and I ain't talking the breast size
Everybody in the club getting reckless
You go home at midnight, we stay out till breakfast
I cash checks and you cancel them
You make calls but there ain't nobody answering
I want a smart girl who gives brains like it's charity
Every night a Friday night, me and Lyla Garrity
On another level, ain't nobody that compare to me
These b_tches going dumb trying to marry me

[Hook x2]

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