Figure It out - Hoodie Allen

And I don't know
And you got doubt
And I don't feel the way you do
And you got doubt
Let's figure it out

Yeah, I said "I'm too young to be tied down
Looking at the world from my east side town
And we find now, I swear later will be different
She leaving me a present, but baby I am gifted
Maybe I'm a miss it like Christmas
Either way you could stay at the top of my wish list
No receipts and no return policies
And I return when the whole world follow me
Apologies to lames who couldn't get real
I'm a dreamer trying to catch it up in left field
Wit' a nanny, I be givin' her the best feel
'Til I have her screaming out "Oh Mr. Sheffield

And I don't know and you got doubt
And maybe later on we can figure it out
And I just go and you lock down
And maybe later on we can figure it out
And I don't feel the way you do
Is there a way we'll make it through
And before this thing goes south
Baby girl let's figure it out
Let's figure it out

So does that mean I'm immature, for sure
Then we don't need to be no more, on tour
Cause p_ssy is just bound to get picky
Mind set, gotta steal base like Rickey
Face like Nicky, I mean Lionel's daughter
And I'm still shallow like a fly on water
Turn your dimes into quarters
Mine if they gorgeous
Got a goldmine I'll be hoarding
Like we in Frisco, So sweet, Nabisco
Take you to the movies like Sisqo
Look better than your pixels in person
So let's figure out if it's really working


[Obey City:]
It's like what we really got to talk about (talk about)
Every time we speak, we start a bout (start a bout)
Baby girl your doubts, you best be erasing
Your fruit looks ripe for the tasting

I keep it moving like Chess pieces
I stop looking at your chest pieces
So let's leave it
You're not the best even Drake lies
Take my advice, let's go back to the Bayside


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