Gotta Be - Hoodie Allen

[Verse 2]
Yeah, I know we kicked it way before the days of Myspace
But once I hit it I won't drop you off at my place
And your girlies like to claim I'm ungrateful
You know that's not the case because I'm just unfaithful
God, you talking bout how you should be with all these better men
How you a dime cause they shoutin' "shawty you a ten!"
How I'm Kevin Durant, you just want a veteran
I don't think I'm staying that long I got some other plans
So give me one reason like you was Tracy Chapman
Otherwise we can't really make it happen
Moving smooth like satin
Every Saturday night, on the phone, tellin me
How I'm just a player, learn the trait from Mr. Bellamy
It's not a felony, though you like to yell at me
I know we used to be so close like Kenan and Kel would be
That's hard to swallow when I spit it, embellishing in
And why we on the subject of life, can I get the rent?
And on the subject of strife, can you let me vent?
Oh f_ck it Obey, hit them with the chorus man

Some people shine, others stay on the block
I'ma be what I got to be
Head nod, some people got all the luck in the world
I'ma be what I got to be
Some people hide, others throw up the rock
I'ma be what I got to be
Some people got all the luck in the world
I'ma be what I got to be

[Verse 2]
I bring the news like La La, before she met Carmelo
I do this for Long Island, the place of De La, say "hello to"
My fam ain't like the Huxtables, ain't never had the jello
I started writing rhymes because I couldn't rock the cello
Hell no, If any of you emcees think we're equal
I'm a run and gun on you, call me Timmy Tebow
Steve Witz, leggo my eggo, let go my ego
Your girl's like J.J Red_ck, she be giving me that free throw
I gotta break through her soul like the hymen
Then I can break through her words like they hyphen
I think I got her choked up like the Heimlich
Not Bonnie and Clyde, my sidekick vibrates
Look buzz, ya dig, it's my man J Rock
You know the kid from OPB, right near the hay past block
And now he's here with MBG, they ask me "what am I doing?"
I'm with a lot of people and a lot that I'm cool with
I got that cream like cool whip, ya didn't know
Man you gotta be foolin', now here we go


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