Immaculate - Hoodie Allen

Have to get, the flow be so immaculate
Have to get, the flow be so, be so, be so, be so

Have to get, the flow be so immaculate
(Have to get the flow be so immaculate)
Have to get, the flow be so, be so, be so, be so

[Verse 1]
Everything you do is wack, Hoodie's here to bring it back
Radiating tracks, Secret World of Alex Mack
And we ain't Allen Strange, I'm not that dude from the spaceship
We make hits and go to bed with Larisa Oleynik
Famous, ten things I hatin' 'bout my language
Dames try to change us, let Clarissa explain it
All, cause we ain't Autumn leaves
So I tell a silly broad on her knees
I just outta leave y'all
See y'all later, AC Slater I be outskees
Get my car, turn the keys, driving home Kelly Kapowski
Wow see, my big ass phone ringing, so I pick up
Man I miss the nineties but f_ck it we gonna live it up


[Verse 2]
So we wanna be more beastly, beasty on the mic
We them boys, we hype, slam dunking records Michael Beasley
Easy s_ckers cause I just don't know where all my keys be
Please be in my pocket, Oh f_ck it I'm feeling queasy
(Man I'm feeling fine)
Just trying to unwind from the wine I had last night
Might not remember precisely, Obey you know what I like
A broad and a brewski, dinner and a movie
But I swear that I'm so deep, people confuse me with Confucius
Life is loosely based on them things you only see on TV
Flows like neon, glow when y'all see me
Cook up the beat up so cold, it's Freon
So we dream on about trips to Paris
Christina Milian

And I just want your mind
A little bit of your time
Cause it's Saturday night
And I don't wanna be with nobody tonight
So just pay me some attention
Yeah I see the way that you look in my eyes
You're just my bad habit, gotta have you by my side

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