Long Island Iced Tea - Hoodie Allen

She says, "We ain't 21 but we might be"
Fresh in my Nikes, pass me the ice tea
Go on girl, I know that you like me
Don't need a wifey, just need me some ice tea

They said "Do you need to see ID?"
She said "Likely"
Are you gonna leave with me?
Umm, she might be
Boyfriend got a problem?
Then fight me
One hand on his broad and the other on my ice tea

[Verse 1]
My Notre dames fill up tanks to the gallon
No Jimmy Clausen, we be Hoodie Allen
We be more Dawson's creek, keep the ballad
Tryna break up Katie Holmes marriage
(Ho-Hoodie Allen)
And you needing talent, but we will be skating through
I am Sydney Crosby, You probably ain't made it dude
And yeah I played a few women in my day, it's true
Sega dream-cast up on their ass from they favorite dude
I play Yahtzee on a yacht with your hot niece
So if they ask me to change I tell them "hardly"
Part of me stuck, going backwards like the car seat
We just want a sl_tty broad, you can call her Aubrey
Automatically when we pull the wand out
Manischewitz, maybe pull a Winehouse
Hoodie Allen underage, now we stuck in time out
A-yo let's vibe out, holla with these dimes out


[Verse 2]
Hoodie Allen baby we been hot since the remix
Badass whiteboy, Steve McQueen sh_t
Want to give these cougar woman something to believe in
Tell her b_tter Witz snack, you can call me Steven, leavin'
In the morning I be gone in sixty seconds
Nick cage, rib cage on some big breast rested
In stage high fade you can't afford our price man
We so nice you getting Kimbo Slice fam'
OB's the pilot, I just write the flight plan
Never knew these white boys woulda got so hype man, damn
Jean Claude or van s_ckers
We write rhymes that make you shudder
If I be "oh believe it" - it flows like b_tter
(F-F-F-F-Flows like b_tter, Flows, Flows like b_tter)
(Flows likes like b_tter, mutha F-ing ask your mother)
Cause she's cooking me dinner and I think it's supper
What a predicament we get gutter in the summer
So I just turn the radio up, what a bummer


The other on my ice tea. [x4]

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