Look up - Hoodie Allen

Why would anyone wanna be stopping me
When I'm trynna be good
I'm just trynna be
And I feel like the whole world is sitting right down on top of me
But I'm trynna be good
I'm just trynna be in heaven
A whole lot of obstacles there in front of me
But I'm trynna be good
I'm just trynna be good
I'm just trynna be good
I'm just trynna be

I want the people who made me to feel they could be proud
And I'll look back on their decisions like they pulling out
Wool over my eyelids
I thrive in the silence
I'm using my blinker signal
I'm trynna get by and
Change lanes to a different destination
It be like the longer that I wait
The less I develop patience
But hey thats natural
In a world full of entitlement
You know I'm Making Waves
What happens when the title hits?
I'll be cool with all Imma get
I'm not trynna be picky
But my fam giving me hell
Little Nicky
And I just play it straight
I wonder why you tricky
And I remember watching Stick Stickly (Watchin-watching Stick Stickly)
In my younger days and now my mom just wonders where that kid is
And I wish so bad I had an answer but I didn't
That's so wack, my heart crack
Little when I realize
I only get one shot at a real life
I had met some girls they were real nice
But it didn't feel right
They thought I'm Pinocchio
F_ck it I'm a real guy


And that's the state of things
Don't know what the day will bring
All that glitters isn't always made of bling
And she likes the finer things
Designer jeans, and diamond rings
I like the late night diner burgers
Fries and then a side of drinks (ching!)
Ring me up, I got minutes
Mortal Kombat, I got finished
But my aim was to be winning
And it can be so humble when you start at the beginning
Driving round the town, windows down, now you singing:
"I don't wanna be myself
I don't need none of your help"
You know that rebel same team
Dressin' up like you James Dean
Lucky that we had Bay teams
Growing up but I hate dreams
What ever had happened to my faith?
Left mainstream
Y'all killing the game
But you claimin' you been framed, please
I'm Roger Rabbit
Just swallowin' my habits
They come in small tablets
And these groupies love to grab it
No it's not magic
No it's not a game
I'm just hoping that it's different
Cause I hate when it's the same
I'm screaming to yall...

Thank you, thank you, thank you
You just checked out Making Waves
Courtesy of us
The boys at Hoodie Allen
I hope you enjoyed it
See you back soon
Until then we out

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