Magic - Hoodie Allen

You're the queen of the stars , it's magic you are

Let's pull chicks, don't gotta ask who's the baddest
Dream team, beauty queens, I just gotta have it
All night, all day, in pajamas, I be on my playboy status
(You're the queen of the stars it's magic you are)

[verse 1]
Yeah the type of rhyming you be doing, be stupid, doofus
I'm better with the bars, call me Nastia Liukin
Take one look into my pockets, I'm full of bread
Steve Witz Harvey, hardly, I'm Bullethead
Nice to meet you, I greet you so full of it
Let's have an adventure, I bet ya I'm Bill & Ted
Awesome, Hoodie, no way to stop him
Got the whole crowd saying "whoa" like they Blossom
Some forty nights later we went from sharing sauce to Shannyn Sossamon
So "hi hater"


[Verse 2]
Phoenix Suns hat on my head, it's a throwback
C_caine flow when we blow tracks, throw that
Heat past emcees, they call me Sandy Koufax
He was just my idol as a kid, you should know that
I'm idealistic when I spit this, just a misfit
I am not the best that's a misprint
Cite your sources, I got twin sisters in my Porsches
One on my left, one on my orifice
I am an orphan, I must be brother
Cause please sir, may I have another
Shut up


[Verse 3]
Okay let's tell a story about this girl right quick
It goes she wears a nice dress, oh and I stress
To her 'rents to have her back before she even left
Yes, I'm a son of a gun, my dad is a rifle
Make her take my hand although she steady actin' stifle
Acts as my disciple with her views on the politics
Really thinking all this time "umm I don't give a sh_t"
And she can't tell the diff, I be in the clear
And I ain't smoking sh_t, but we getting high in here
We get closer than we really should appear
So she wants to go to infinity and beyond, Buzz Lightyear

You're the queen of stars it's magic you are

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