Making Waves - Hoodie Allen

Yeah I was the cool kid in my crowd of misfits
Malcolm in the Middle, couldn't spin the disk quick
And now I'm fly like a diskcus, eye on the biscuit
Sin City, I couldn't resist it
But if you miss it, they be saying you a wise man
While we trying to get the green like Iceland
I just pull the tags off everything is priceless
If you after the cake I'm cool with the icing
Out my mind, there ain't time to sit pretty
Text say "I'ma meet him in the city"
And Johnny got the keys said we in a sick new studio
And I'm coming over, it's no Rick Rubio
No big movie role, not until whe make it
'Til I'm getting degrees like bacon
And you've been on your knees like Meagan
Meet your way into the stars
Knowing very well, you ain't going far

They say "do not go splashing"
And I never behave
And I don't know my place
I'll be making my waves now
I know you like it
I can tell by your face
So come off with the chase
But I'll be making my waves now

No swine flu, we really sick this time
And woman never let us leave, District 9
I grab bag'em, hoped you picked this rhyme
As the best thing you heard since Christmas time
You missed us right? Well no we're back at it
It's getting harder to breathe I'm like an asthmatic
You don't gotta ask, I'ma let your ass have it
Cause everybody else sounding like they half-assed it
I spit acid to burn the mic down
And I'm coming for 2000 and right now
We ain't seeing what you wrote like white-out
Grab the cash register and then scream I'm out
Of place, but it's not my face though
Cause I don't wanna have to preach like I'm Mase yo
All I want, a girl that is tasteful, money by the waistload
And celebrate with drinks by the case load


They trying to keep us down like the undertoe
And they tellin' all they friends that we wonderful
I'm just trying to keep my head above the water flow
F_ck it, we can stagedive, I ain't even learn to float
Now the big wigs love us and we know this
And they thinkin' we some kids, goldfish
I could play that game too, we I go rich
You ain't in my zone, why you throwing me the low pitch?
But I own this, homerun, broke the bat
Y'all some small fries but we welcome fat
Young now but the knowledge of an older cat
Got a hill to climb, we'll get over that
They thought it's a stage, he'll get over that
F_ck that thinkin', what up to the doughboys
Y'all get Lincoln, I get Franklins
And time is ticking
This Titanic not sinking


And I never behave
I can tell by your face [2x]
Cause I'll be making my waves now

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