Where Do We Go Now - Hoodie Allen

Where do we go now [x4]
When we can't go home now
Probably get thrown out
Where do we go now
Where do we go now, oh

[Verse 1:]
And I'm a product of my environment
That's why these people buy my music when I'm supplying it
They tell me life is always sunny not ultra-violet
I feel like Bradley Cooper trying find me a silver lining
And I don't need a, suit or tie to keep me alive
I just need a good ass crew and a long ass drive, word
Keep it moving and keep improving at the same time
People love me but hate me on the same rhyme
Damn, that's just how I feel man
I ain't one of those rappers who got a deal man
Quit asking, every milestone you try to conquer
I passed it, every album we drop some classic
That's the way we love to congregate the masses
Your momma gotta fatty, it's kinda hard to look past it
And I'm a educated bastard
Rapping is how I'm a get my masters


[Verse 2:]
And I never think I'd be a hero
Growing up with my dad and learning from Al Pacino
Jets fool, middle finger to all you Dan Morinos
I'm living in a move and feeling life Tarantino
Corleone, I'm trying to get my De Niro
Works some long nights and I don't need a cappuccino
All falls down when you live in the casino
Uh, and I'm just trying to add some mutha f_cking zeros
So point at Pelegrino, shouts to Instabeano
Shouts to Britain Rules, I didn't know where we would be yo
Back then, getting dinner in Connecticut
Talking 'bout all these rappers we hated
Then getting mad as sh_t, haha
Like those were those the days
We were living off the feeling
It was going our way
Uh, I know that life changes fast
But I would rather freeze the moment
Than go back and live the past


[Verse 3:]
I ain't trying to front, and tell you it's all confidence
I'm just trying to catch up to other rappers like condiments
Cause I remember when we got no compliments
Opening up for Sean was like my biggest accomplishment
I have my friends going nuts in the front
Acting like I'm hot as sh_t until Pusha demolished it
One by one we created a following
I learned a lot in class but hated being a college kid
And when I graduated labels started hollering
Work through so much dough, I needed a scholarship
Went to the bank, emptied what I deposited
Then put it into one mixtape, I'm so positive
I'll never make one mistake, I'm so confident
There ya go again, rapping is all opposites
I don't even care if I make it to the top of sh_t
Cause I'm a keep on ripping and shouts to Jesse Katsopolis

I said I'm a keep on ripping and shouts to Jesse Katsopolis
A Full House in it
Full House in it, yeah
Jared's on the beat
And thank you Fresh
Let's go
Crew Cuts


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