Baby's Daddy - Hopsin

Hey Marcus...
Uh, what's up?
Um, there's something I wanted to ask you...
Uh, what is it?
Will you do me a favor?
Oh no no no!

Will you be my baby daddy
And be the one to always make me happy?
Oh hell no!
Will you watch sponge bob with him
And teach him how to make a crabby patty?
Oh hell no!
Even though I got stretch marks
Will you still be down to get nasty?
Oh hell no!
Sh_t, I'm mad enough to throws elbows!

[Verse 1:]
Hold up, throw me the mic
I got a flow to recite
You got a baby by a n_gga that you don't even like
A broke n_gga who thuggish
Always be talkin' rubbish
Steady be causing ruckus
All because you were sl_ttish
Jesus, I can't believe this, freak sh_t!
That's the same motherf_cker that you had cheated on me with! (What?!)
I knew this would happen without a question
But you said
"I never have sex without protection"
B_tch please
You left me flowing down sh_ts creek
You sex driven like a big freak
Plus our relationship has been breached
You took a big leap
And rumor has it you s_cked his d_ck then kissed me
And now I'm suppose to be the father and the mental guide
Like sure I'll take care of the little guy
Sh_t, you ain't puttin' me through the stress
I put your baby in a pillow case and beat it to death, b_tch


[Verse 2:]
I'm far from a f_ckin' life saver
Not your friendly neighbor
But yet you called me during your labor
It's not my issue, take me off the menu
I'm not the one who put the motherf_cker in you
I'm not a mean guy
I hate to sound that foul
But I don't give a f_ck about that child
You damn right
See you chose him, then he f_cked you
Tag your it
Too bad his d_ck didn't have any insurance
You knew that he was just a lame n_gga prior to it
Now your ass hittin' me up thinking I would do it
Hoping we gonna spark it off like some lighter fluid
That's kinda stupid
Face the facts b_tch your life is ruined
Don't be callin me like "my life's a crazy blur
Rashad don't take care of the baby and makes me hurt
I wish me and you could go back to the way we were"
Sh_t we can
Just get rid of the baby first


Now I won't be your baby's daddy, I'm not the one
But you can still give me some head and maybe swallow some cum
And if you want it, then I can deliver quite clean
But don't ever send the baby to find me

[Verse 3:]
Do you remember when I told you I would love you forever
And broke up with my girlfriend Heather
Kicked her to the curb
And then I got with you
Thinkin' you were better
But found out you were a heart shredder
Yeah, I felt really stupid after that
Became the n_gga that my crew was laughin' at
I was foolish, that's a fact
So this is karma
You've been on my sh_t list
So ha ha ha ha
That's what you get b_tch


Hey that's life
You f_ck me over
He f_cked you
You got pregnant
Now you're f_cked
You had me
You had me, that's the funny thing about it
And you blew it
Ha ha ha

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