Bad Manners Freestyle - Hopsin

Uh, Hopsin. Yo

[Verse 1]
I've come to conclusion that life s_cks
The only good that comes out of it is
Sticking my d_ck into nice b_tts
So if it's wetter than normal inside your wife's cunt
It's my nut i'll bust it inside of that ass and hasn't dried up (YA)
I'm such a contradiction, I hang with Dizzy Wright
And all he does is smoke so when I'm breathing all the ganja gets in
Not to mention I'm condescending, my mind is missing
Plus I'm kinda sending the wrong signal
Oh god, I'm sickening
I'm not the one you wanna start sh_t with
I'm part animal, part dimwit
With bad manners like Bart Simpson
You Hollywood n_ggas who write songs
I give you a black eye
That's a good reason to put some ice on
I'm like a Jedi with the Obi-Wan bars
Lyrics are shocking just like a phony gun charge
My n_ggas we only f_ck with the dopey blonde broads
We play em, and trade em like they were PokeMon cards
I accell in rap
It's cuz I been through f_cking hell and back
You ain't close to dope
It's just that everybody else is whack
N_ggas getting jealous tryna diss me, Scary!
I'm an animal, f_ck a Mink coat
B_tch wear me!
Yo all you rappers quit your b_tching
Just sit and listen I'm the new sick edition
Of Pac this is the demolition
I'm so tired of all the reminiscing
So I'mma leave these n_ggas shook
Like my d_ck when I finish pissing
(Yo you f_cking nasty dog.)

Get off me!
I love Christ but guarantee
You wouldn't wanna cross me
I'm as frustrating as lost keys
My sick mind's a good example
Of what the crooked law breeds
I'm trying to die as the greatest rapper
Sh_t I'm so hungry I could stick my fist
In a blender and drink it after
You climbing up then I'm gonna break the ladder
And you'll fall off so damn hard
That every bone in your face will shatter
F_ck these n_ggas, I'm a racist bastard
You hear the devil speaking in tongues
On this CD if you play it backwards
Tell your sister I can't wait to smash her
But I heard that her p_ssy stinks
So make sure that she f_cking takes a bath first
I come second to none
My verbal weapon is perpetuous, and it's just as effective as guns
Gestures effectives as guns
You destined to plunge
Show me, I find it pleasant and fun
Like having sex with a nun
(What the heck have ya done!?)

Whoa. I'm known to hate
I use foul language to motivate
I know I'm dope, okay
But Hop ain't real
Was just a role I played
Earth, I don't know this place
But I just wanna stroll away
Into my homeless base
Wearing a pair of flying rollerblades

Ehhhhhh, f_ck

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