Gimmie That Money - Hopsin

[Verse 1]
Back when I was a young n_gga playing in the sand
I had some big dreams so I made a little plan
You was out partying while I was thinking in advance
Try'n'a get right hoping that one day I'd be the man
The years went by I was M.I.A
I got rid of all of the n_ggas that was in my way
I saved nickels and quarters 'till I could afford a studio
To record and then get money Off the sh_t I say
Then my dream came true and the fraud n_ggas came out
See my ballin' out they all we all gettin' paid now
Talking like "Hopsin, oh you're a great pal"
F_ck you, stick my balls in your dang mouth
Now every other week You hit me up for money
Frontin' like you always been down (pow!)
But back then when a n_gga was living bummy
Your ass was nowhere to be found (wow!)
What my n_gga (Marcus) I ain't tryin to be one of ya fake ass goldigger
Homies that's not it (that's not what I'm doin)
But hey can i borrow 500 dollas I'mma pay ya ass back next week man I promise (please)

I can't even make friends
Cause all they ever do is ask for my money
They like let have this
Let me have that
Let me have this and they keep on coming (man)
Let me get a dollar, Give me that money
Let me get a dollar, Give me that money
Let me get a dollar, Give me that money
Let me get a dollar, Give me that money!

[Verse 2]
There was a chick I asked out back in '06
Made her a love song, and she was like "No b_tch"
Gave me the song back, and I was like "Oh sh_t
I'm so stupid, I should've never wrote this"
She was a dime piece, top of the list
A Latin girl, and her skin had a tropical twist
She never used to call me, I always had to call her
And deep down inside it was making my heart hurt
So her life went on, she didn't even involve me
Then last year I ran into her in a Walgreens
She was like, "Marcus, how are you? (oh my God)
You finally made it, I'm so proud of you"
So the next day she called me and asked to kick it
For the sake of the old me that was sad, I did it
Come to find out she was never that terrific
Especially a week later when she asked me this sh_t
"Hey um, Marcus, I really really hate to be a bother
But my rent is due, and I'm like broke as f_ck
So can you please lend me 10 hundred dollars, please"


[Verse 3]
See my ex girl think she slick
Man let me tell ya how she tried to do me
She said she didn't have a vehicle to drive to work
And, so she came and asked me for 2 Gs
And although I wasn't that concerned
She said her mom would pay me back, soon as she got her tax return
So I committed and did it, thinkin' she wouldn't forget it
But she forgot it, now my stomach got a nasty burn
I called her! And said, "B_tch! Where my money?! You got that?!"
She said, "Not yet, she my mom's mad
She said she isn't gonna pay, you can drop dead
Cause I got into a fight with her, she's a hot head"
I'm like, "That's between you two, not me!
What the hell does that have to do with my cheese!"
She said, "Ok, ok, stop please
I swear I'll pay it all back Marcus, in five weeks"
Huh, five weeks huh?
It's been three months and I ain't even heard from her
Changed her damn number, sh_t
B_tch played me like a dumb motherf_cker


Give me that dough, Give me that money
Give me that cheese, Give me that money
Give me that yea yea yea, Give me that money
Yea yea, Give me that money
Say yea yea yea yea
Baby give me that yea yea yea yea
Give me that yea yea yea yea! Ha
This for the b_tches that oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo
(exhales) f_ck
I don't think I'm gonna be able to pay you Marcus, back

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