Hip Hop Sinister - Hopsin

I'm changing man
I thought I was supposed to be this hip hop savior
But I have turned into a sinister

[Verse 1:]
Wack n_ggas prepare to die
You ain't got nowhere to hide
I'm knocking at your f_cking door
You scared cause you know arrived
N_ggas gonna get dealt with rhymes
It's just me, myself and I
I low-key run this rap sh_t
You don't know cause it ain't televised
This is war, gentleman (kill)
My flow is filled with more venom
Than George Zimmerman in his car chillin'
With a loaded 44 tucked into his drawers
Fitchiting, Itching to find a brand new casket to store n_ggas in
Ya'll just make me laugh and giggle
Call me out on tracks then b_tch I'll pound on you
Like that vending machine that stole my pack of Skittles
N_ggas thought the old me, dissolved, and I went soft,
After my album raw
But naw b_tch I evolved
I'm taking over sh_t easily
I rarely do collaborations cause ya'll ain't qualified to be in a league with me
Hop just let the beast unleashed
Someone get this freak a leash
I'm snapping on all of you leaving every MC deceased

[Hook: x2]
I'm the motherf_cking hip hop sinister
Murder, n_gga murder
Cause n_ggas thought I was done, but I ain't finished up
Murder, n_gga murder

[Verse 2:]
Motherf_cker we making history
A million independently
So kiss my f_cking ass
Left or right you get to pick the cheek
You don't ball you just pretend to do to make the chicks believe
Your label is f_cking you like Ruthless Records did to me
Stop with the compliments
I've been locked in my momma's den
Plotting when I will be dropping this Hopsin apocalypse
Bombing the competent
Rap goblins mobbing the continent
Gotta be dominant
I'm surprised that God isn't vomiting
I'm wearing a badge tearing your ass
Another vast cutting through necks till they barely attached
Me and this game are one of the same like Jaren and crack
The darkness is arrived so make a flare with a match
You got skill?
Where is it at?
I haven't seen it
Who dares to attack a genius?
You get managed I'll have you gag your penis
Until you throw up your own liver (nuts)
I don't give a (f_ck)
The flow ripper (what)

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3:]
Now if I stop being who I am that would upset me
I'll never change for none of your wack ass deadbeats
I struggled to change for Jay Christ to accept me
I don't even change clothes
Sh_t not even my bed sheets
When I step inside the boot and rhyme
Rappers commit suicide
And jump in front of a moving semi-truck like it was cool to die
N_ggas is watered down f_ck it
It is time to scuba dive
Better get on your knees and pray to God and hope that you survive
Killing rappers like I condone violence
I murder you and when your soul is floating to hell I ghost ride it
You won't last living in this cold climate
So don't try it
I know I'm ill
I don't need no pussies to co-sign it
Commercial n_ggas thinking they carry the torch
It's going to be very hilarious when I bury your corpse
So next time you spit a f_cking rhyme that's too simple
I'll joke kick your ass through the glass of the booth window

[Hook x2]

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