Nollie Tre Flip - Hopsin

I be nollie tre flippin' on your block straight cruising
Tre tre flippin' on your block straight cruising
Nollie tre flippin on your block straight cruising
Tre Tre flippin' on your block straight cruising

[Verse 1]
Nollie tre flippin on your block straight cruising
Ankle wrapped up a while back, a n_gga bruised it
Who's this? fresh ass n_gga with the steelo
A vicious ego, he hardly ever let in premo
He always got a brand new deck wherever he go
Flexin' on n_ggas at the park like Debo
He keep the hot spots on the d-low
If he snap a board DGK'll hook him up with the reload
Never get it mixed up, I'm the one with big nuts
Hitting everything regular, because my switch s_cks
Play skate you'll get f_cked, see I likes to kick b_tt
Hole in my shoe cause that's the spot where all my grip rubs
I'm in the valley with a bunch of street vandals
We maneuver boards with a clean handle like Kareem Campbell
Soon I'll be rolling thru your neighborhood probably
So don't be scared to holler if your ass f_cking spot me


[Verse 2]
Who can bust like this? Wicked frontside flips
Only one try b_tches want to touch my d_ck
The homie Manny know a school with a spot so proper
So we go hop the gate and hope the cops don't spot us
We mad and f_cking senseless, waxing up the benches
Get the cameras out because we stacking up the tricks
B_tch, kickflip backtail was on my hit-list
Until this n_gga P-Rod came and did the sh_t switch
Saw a handrail and figured I could bust on it
Tried to boardslide and hit my f_cking nuts on it
Stupid homies hyped me up look at my ass now
Bout to pass out, man I'm only skating flat ground
Some days I feel like I s_ck and never try stuff
Until I watch a skate video and get hyped up
You phony n_ggas tryna rap, better pipe down
This sh_t isn't just a trend homie it's a lifestyle


[Verse 3]
Now wait just a minute trick, yo this kid is sick
How the f_ck this n_gga doing tres with the ninja kick?
I still got em fresher than a loaf of bread
If you witness one you'll probably throw your board away and just go home instead
Blazing up the hubba on this skating little s_ckers
They ain't brave enough so they say I'm a crazy motherf_cker
Yes, best believe I'm that raw, you don't have to ask dog
I been doing this since you were semen in your dads balls
So much pop you would think I'm bout to blast off
So f_cking high when I land I crack the asphalt
G'd up shoes the color of cherry kool-aid
Hat back, with no belt in my pants, just a shoe lace
Skating legends mean mugging yo, when will these n_ggas learn?
It's been 10 minutes and I still can't seem to get a turn
If I never go pro f_ck it yo, I ain't tripping
Long as I look fly as f_ck when I be nollie tre flipping


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