Pillow Man - Hopsin

[Verse 1:]
I've spent about ten years tryna work on my craft
Tryna save this hip-hop sh_t and disperse of the trash
But all my nerves have just crashed, cause all the verses I've thrashed
Were meant to benefit my future, I'm uncertain it has
I rarely ever put something out to insert in your dash
Cause as soon as I became a brand my own purpose was smashed
I'm feelin' nervous in fact, I got no urges to rap
I don't think my f_cking life can get more worthless than that
I see these n_ggas blowing up, who never took out the proper game
N_ggas who f_cking s_ck, Gucci and Wacka Flocka Flame
N_ggas who makin' bucks, someone tell me I'm not insane
Cause I feel the urge to run up on a b_tch ass n_gga then rob his chain
Dang! I thought I had it figured out
See I panic and I pout, yo I've had it man, I'm out
God damn it, this sh_t's a clout
I'm the baddest thing no doubt
But my madness is about to turn me manic 'til I shout

How come the world is always quick to turn they back on me
Won't somebody tell me, you can go ahead, and fall asleep
I'll be in your dream
Maybe I'm the Pillow Man, maybe I'm the Pillow Man
I'll be in your dream
Maybe I'm the Pillow Man, maybe I'm the Pillow Man
I'll be in your dream

[Verse 2:]
You all assume I'm evil, but actually I'm so nice
I've always been the lover boy like practically my whole life
Unhappy here with no wife, don't ask me I don't know why
I'm livin' life without no type of strategy to go by
I knew a b_tch who I would go pick up when the day starts
A b_tch who'd even like to watch me skate at the skate park
A b_tch who I was making out with up in the graveyard
The same b_tch who went and left my ass with a slayed heart
She cut it like an avocado, secretly hittin' clubs and poppin' bottles
Hanging with thugs and s_cking lots a cock yo
The biggest sl_t from Loveland Colorado
F_ck a ho that's Hopsin's motto my heart is vacant, you knock it's hollow
She met another guy who left a baby stuck inside
Her vagina then he just split and messed up her f_ckin' life
Now she hits me up and I say, "Go s_ck a nut, goodbye"
All you sl_ts can die for wasting all my sacred love supply


[Verse 3:]
To live a decent life what all is it take
I tried and try to be the best but nothing falls in the place
And I'm a man but my struggle is gonna cause me to break
And just involve me to hate I'm in a nauseous state
And sh_t it probably is fate but who's in control of it me or God
Is he the cause of why am I here the reason's odd
I'm broke and need a job, for spending cheese on broads
But y'all don't see the flaws I code it up to keep it raw
And mc's who's got the most talent in this whole planet
Don't ever get recognized when they dope at it
So they go back to the block hustlin' and dope addicts
Some n_ggas got the effect and some n_ggas don't have it
Yo I'm at my last years cause everytime I think I'm out the matrix
I get s_cked right back in
But man I'm hopin' things will change and the soul in me remains
Cause the talent that I've got is way too cold to be contained

No, no
What did I do to deserve this?
No, no
I don't even have a purpose
No, no
What did I do to deserve this?
No, no
I don't even have a purpose


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