Still Got Love for You - Hopsin

[Verse 1:]
You left me and you went home to Indianapolis
If I wanted, I'd be getting plenty of ass and tits
But I want you can you send me an answer quick?
Lost in your love baby give me a map to this
Never knew what love felt like till I met you
My heart wasn't for any other woman except you
But you stabbed it till it bled through
Now my head screwed cause I should've been the one who had left you
Accepted our break I really wasn't that pleasant
But I learned to deal with it and didn't ask questions
No point in making the past present
But after a month and a half, you was a month and a half pregnant
Damn, my heart taken badly now I'm a situation dealing with another baby daddy
Sad part about it yo, it's not even my kid
Evidence proves you really out of your mind b_tch

I swear I thought you was my lady
Now you having another n_ggas baby
It was supposed to be me and you
But after all that you put me through
Baby, I still got love for you
You ain't no good girl
You ain't no good for me
Baby, I still got love for you
You ain't no good girl
You ain't no good for me

[Verse 2:]
I'm in shock like feeling like a crazy movie
I really don't appreciate the way you do me
Since I got your news I been dating groupies
But they never last all they want is fame and jewelry
These gold-diggers can't recruit me
I keep running back to you as if the pain is soothing
Cause the bond we had is something I got used to
My mom is telling me to say bye-bye screw you
You ain't even in love with the guy you having a kid with
When I think about it I get sick, you did this
Clubbing with your friends and drinking till you get senseless
Should've thought about this sh_t before you sipped it
You put faith into his d_ck
And now you pregnant by a dipsh_t, life is all twisted
Our world could've been terrific
But the Hopsin bus passed baby, and you missed it


[Verse 3:]
Now ain't no reason to be smiling for
I'm always the type looking down on whores
And even though the goddamn child is yours
You know I still got your back on child support
Cause we both know you don't make enough for day care
That should've been my baby, what the f_ck this ain't fair
Call if you need me that's fine by me
But the jealousy killing me that's not my seed
I don't know why I take this crap from you, break my back for you
I can't adapt to you, we ain't compatible, face the facts it's true
But when you lost why do I make a path for you?
I spent a long time working at making our love tighter
But you sipping Jagermeister, and having these one nighters
I'll never be able to trust you
My n_gga Tecca Nina said it best I love you, but f_ck you
Oh no no no, you played your games and now we'll never be the same
See I love you, but I hate you, and I hate the fact I still love you
Yeah yeah, oh why oh why


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