Save The Cheerleader - I See Stars

Their hands come from the ground
Their hands come from the ground
Don't fear life,
We came and saw
This has no meaning
I won't touch skies
As they're burning

This bottle's half way empty
Your glass is half way full
Well, no-oh-oh
Can you please go without me
I swear that everything's alright

We all die,
No matter where we go
It doesn't matter,
No (no)
I won't say you're right
Beware, divine,
I know that I'll see you die
You can cry

A whoa, a whoa
A whoa, a whoa
A whoa oh oh

Can't stop while the rhythm is going
Just say the first words that come along to your head
One touch and it's already over
I'm not ready, I'm barely sober
I just can't forget you
I'd do anything to get you
Don't want to get you
I just want to forget you

We can't go back (We can't go back)
Take a deep breath and go for her
And two weeks have passed
(Well, I'll live and see, you see)
In spreaded letters, just forget her

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