Piercing to My Soul - Itchycoo

Verse 1
From this moment on until the end
I guess I've known it from the start
From this experience I can't pretend
It used to tear me apart
All of my secrets were taking control

Like piercing to my soul
I feel it when I breath
There is no other way to be me
And it cuts right to the bone
To find out what I need
I see all the reasons I bleed
Piercing to my soul

Verse 2
In time I'll find a way to carry on
But some things will never change
What doesn't kill you only makes you strong
To stumble and fall is not that strange
To learn all the secrets it's part of the role


For the rest of my life, I'm gonna be with you
All this time I've been doing this for you
I've tried so hard, I know that I still do


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