So Goodbye - Itchycoo

Verse 1
Driving faster in my car
No return I've gone to far
Destination anywhere,
Cause I don't mind and I don't even care
Am I wrong, so wrong
I just didn't wanna carry on

So goodbye I don't cry
I never had it anyway
I was blind now I've opened up my eyes
So goodbye I don't cry
I guess I'm not that kind
who rewinds

Verse 2
A simple lifestyle past me by
Try to live it was a lie
Obligations everywhere
A heavy load to much for me to bare
I was wrong so wrong
I just know I have to carry on


Oh, I could speak but not too loud, yeah, yeah
Be just one within the crowd
In that situation I just couldn't be me


So goodbye, (so goodbye)
To late to turn around now,
I'm gonna get on with my lifestyle
So goodbye, (so goodbye)
Out there's my destination
Back there's my resignation

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