General - J.I.D

Uh, f_ckin' wisdom tooth is killin' me
F_ck, whatever-ahem

[Verse 1]
Check, anybody can see the kid got it
I see n_ggas ignore it so I feel a way about it
From rapping in that truck with bolts on and rolling blunts
Bagging a couple b_tches and f_cking them all at once
Friday night lights, I was catching and dropping punts
Thinking 'bout rapping, I could be J.I.D or like Chris Johnson
My thumbs keep strumming kinda like the Mumford & Sons
Mommy went dumb when she got that call, I had got caught
Kicked out of college for tongues, n_ggas be talking
I wasn't even on camera, just hit the lick with some amateurs
Glad we did that, now I'm flying to Los Angeles
With a 8th in my pre-rolls, call that sh_t a tarantula
Tarantino on your big screen, ho
Slave man, South East Coast, J.I.D or DiCap Leo
Set it off, my big sis reminded me of Cleo
And my brothers is killers you might see on Nat Geo
You gotta chill cause n_ggas can get they cap peeled
I keep that 40 like I'm Pat Tillman
They sent my n_gga up the hill, yea they jack jill'd 'em
And a million other black children, let's crack the seal, I'm spillin'

Alright, I feel amazing, I can feel the haters, do something
I ain't finna fade ya, I ain't got a taser, shoot something
N_ggas talkin' crazy, wipe the little baby, too funny
Pull up on ya, had a crew coming, take a deuce on ya, hold up


[Verse 2]
Look, look, alright
Looking for it in the night time, I been looking for it all day
I'ma get it at the right time, watch 'em f_ck with me the long way
Watch a n_gga at the bike whip, hit the buyer with the stone face
Greenbriar with the whole case, bust it down and flood the whole state
B_tches know when that work good, Anna Mae eat the whole cake
We ain't even gotta role play, had to get it out the bowl way
Kill sh_t, OJ, no way, Jose, slo-mo, okay
I don't do this sh_t at your pace, I ain't here to do it your way
And I'm coming through the ceiling
Through the floor, back and front door way
You do not want war, I swear, I swore on your grave
I been on my sh_t since like 6th, 5th, and 4th grade-wait
Even before grades, going to my brother court dates
And I asked my mom and dad what he did but they'd never tell me
Then I figured he killed a n_gga or got caught for some dope he selling
Kinda close but no cigarillo, he was armored up, that's a armadillo
My pops did time in the military and he taught us how to disarm a n_gga
See the boys, you better warn a n_gga but JID prolly got warrants, n_gga
Like North Carolina or South Carolina, got the hideout in like Florence, n_gga
Swear your raps so borin', n_gga
Then you say you trap-you be lyin', n_gga
I don't f_ck with none of y'all happy trappers
Better grab and strap, people dyin', n_gga, Lord
Sorry we making all the noise, but you ain't have to call the boys
Some sh_t you just can't avoid, dumb sh_t, coolin' with the squad


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