Breakfast - Jaden Smith feat A$AP Rocky

[Intro: Jaden Smith]
Alright n_gga
No more fun and games
Let's go

[Verse 1: Jaden Smith]
Slum village with the feeling, get a beat
Bet you I'ma kill it (Kill it)
You ain't ready for the realest high
S_ck it right between the ceiling (Ceiling)
Look, my flow is sick as hell
I had to bail my baby out of jail
I'm doing me, and I do it well
You think I'm wack who are you to tell
All you hype boys silly (Silly)
You a square like Piccadilly
I do not care how you feeling
I thought you knew I'm a villian
I don't like it when these jokers
Lookin' at me sideways
On a highway
Cause you know, I'm bout to do it my way
Till the mist spits blow Pompeii
Jay driving it the wrong way
I do not see what your seeing
Lately I feel European
Salmon, I'm swimming upstream
I don't know why you a dog
Know I'm coming for the crown
Drop an album, kids want to party
Get them n_ggas out my house
This is Hidden Hills, how are you allowed
I cut the music, it was loud
You don't deserve my respect
When I talk to Kendrick, man I sit on the ground
Just to get a little reference
So we have no confusion
My flow Call of Duty prestige
Seeing through your illusions
The Illuminati's real, that's a deal
Write a book so I can prove it
All you rappers just a nuisance
It's always been more than the music
Now they looking at my new fit
Rockin' Couture on the floor of a Louis V store
And I'm sorry I'm stupid
Riding to Metro he boomin'
All the misfits come together in a Tesla
And we zooming

Yo Flacko, lemme play you something

[Verse 2: Jaden Smith]
This one's for all of my renegades
Plan B sippin' lemonade
Skrt on the beat like a (?)
Got a remedy
Blow up like a couple of enemies
Sideline with a felony
On the move like a melody
I don't care what you telling me
I'm a royal flush
You should know what's up
You call me on the phone
Whole squad blowin' up

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