Ghetto Love - Jaheim

You got me baby
This here going for all the ladies, oh
1- All I really want is your ghetto love
24/7 we'll be makin' love
I'll take it downess if you want me too
Just one and many things I wanna do to you
(Girl) Don't you get scared
I'm gonna take my time
Whatever it takes that'll make you mine
It's getting late save a thing for J
Let me love you my ghetto love way, yeah
Baby 2 weeks ago I might you at that party
You was knockin' by and rockin' lookin' my way
Standin' at the crossing at the party
I was tempting (Tempting) to slide across the floor
To drop my digits
Then you looked and turned away
Like you weren't with it
But I knew in my heart that I
Could rippin' girl
I'm givin' you what you wanna do

Repeat 1

Stop frontin' it's time to give a
N_gga what he wanted
You know I got that flavor
Don't you want it? (Don't you want it)
While I'm lookin' in your eyes
As you kissin' on my lips
Girl I'm rubbin' on your thighs
You got me slippin' (slippin')
To find a tahj got a n_gga chicken, yeah
So all I wanna do
What you wanna do?
While you persistent upon
I got's to tell the truth

Repeat 1

(Flippin' up) Stop the fake keep it real
What's the deal (Wanna tear it up)
You know just where a man
Ain't trying it right for you
(Wanna wipe it up) Slide up to my crib
That's where I penetrate (Wanna tear it up)
Shawnalay by the fire place you ridin' (Wanna wipe it up)
JaJa's gonna freak you know
How you want it girl (Gonna tear it up)
Gonna put in work until you see the sun
Come up (Gonna wipe it up)
Hands up in my back
She done it like that
That's all I really want
Tell me can you handle that?

Repeat 1 til fade

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