Visions in Sleep - Jamie's Elsewhere

Atop this precipice
I sit and watch as
The beasts wander the fields
From left to right
All in their places except for one
He grazes alone
And though his keeper
Turns a blind eye
He stays within his confines.

These dreams are temporary
But the memories are worth
Their weight in gold.
And, when the lines have
All faded from the sand
I hope their borders hold me in

I've retraced lines on the maps
That outline the fictitious fates
That I've created to make a way for myself
Above the walls, and out from under
The loving hands that held me close
That kept me in

I've mapped the constellations for years
But they haven't proven trustworthy just yet
I've stood on the shoulders of giants
But never saw past my own shadow. No!
Why have I strayed, beyond your reach?

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