Love Is Real - Jason Mraz

Love is real
It is not just in novels
Or the movies
It is fact and it is standing here
Right in front of you
So if you just open your eyes
Oh what a sweet discovery
There is hope and there is joy
And there is exceptance
So now let all the light collect that collects on your plants
Keep your wamr make you smile
And i iwll be there with this pen in my hand
To record all the while you'll be laughing so loud
That the house would shake with sound
And everything will be as new as the day
It was found

Love is real
It is not just in long distance commercials
Or something that you thought you
Felt back in highschool
So i will turn black and white
Become that horoscope your readin'
It predicts that something good is on it's way
Oh and I'll send you all the world green and blue
In a box through the mail
You can open it up hold it right in your hand
And be glad that it's there
And be glad that you're there
Now you can feel all the knotts in ur stomach
They start to untie
And suddenly it's not so hard to say your alright is real
It is not just in poetry and stories
It is truth and it will follow u
Everywhere you go from now on
So if you just cast off your doubts
Then your lips would answer for you
Oh my darling when you smile it is like a song

And I can heart it now
I can hear it now
I can hear it now
I can hear it now...can hear it now
And I can hear it now
I can hear it now
I can hear it now...

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