Biggest Mistake - Javier Colon

What happened to the way we were
We be fighting and yelling things
And we can't seem to get it back together
Pride gets the best of me
I said oh, I aint even called you in days,
and oh, I miss you but I'm playing the game
I need to check myself before I throw it away
Stand up and be a real man

[hook 1:]
Girl I know, I got a good thing
And I know, that you're my everything
So you'll always be all I need
Girl nothing means more to me
[hook 2:]
I can try to find someone thats more special
But I'd search all my life for someone cuz they're no one like my angel
And god knows that I'd be a fool if I ever let you go
That would be the biggest mistake of my life

Sometimes I go and pick a fight
Thats how I get out at night
How could I think that our love would last forever
When we don't even spend time together?
I finally understand the pain
I'd never ever do it again
Because I've come to learn how perfect you are
Now i'm gonna be a real man

[hook 1]
[hook 2]

I finally realized that my heart can't take the thought of losing you
You can see it in my eyes theres that to be without you,
would be the biggest mistake of my life (of my life)

[hook 2: x2]

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