In Your Hands - Javier Colon

In your hands, my life begins and ends
All that I am, I surrender to you
I never felt so weak, and yet so strong
I am home where i belong
I was affraid of losing everything
Now i'm amazaed, cuz all i ever wanted
Was to lose myself in you

In your hands, I'll place my trembling palm
All of my dreams, lead me to you
Now the tears of yesterday are gone
I've let go, of holding on
There's a place where all my journeys end
Where my broken soul can mend
Here I stand there's nothing in my way
So I'll put my faith in you
I will give my arms to you
My heart has atlast learned to dance

In your hands [x2]

I kno that i am home
And I'll never be alone
All that I am
Is in your hands

My life begins and ends...

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