As One - Jay-Z feat Memphis Bleek, Freeway, Young Guns, Peedi Crakk, Sparks & Rell

[Rell] We're the ones with the flame
([Jay-Z:] "Yeah") We're the fire that remains
([Jay-Z:] "Turn Rell up a little bit") We're controllin' the game from now on
([Jay-Z:] "Huh")
[Jay-Z] Yeah! It's the world reknown Internationally connected Locally accepted Don't get it confused
([Rell:] "Roc, baby") Roc-A-Fella Records Doin' what we do
([Rell:] "It's The Roc, baby") B. Sig., Rell, Peedi Crakk, Free, Young H-O, Bleek
([Rell:] "You understand") Introducin'
[Young Chris] It's Young C
([Neef:] "Young C!") Home of Philly, young and hungry All the girlies wanna fall in lust with me And every hood in the world discussin' me I hated once when I didn't give it up to Neef
[Neef] It's Neef Buck
([Chris:] "Neef Buck!") Out the cut
([Chris:] "Out the cut!") All the haters wanna claim that they f_ck with us They can't f_ck with us It ain't a game, n_ggas know that they Toys R Us
[Young Chris] AAAWWWWWW
[Sparks] I'm the one Man I'm money, hoes, clothes and shows To do with your ho all wrapped in one I'm not done The one to cop one, come back for another one Quick fast, like rapid refund Man, I'm the sh_t after its all said and done I'm the grrrrrrr mean green out the money machine I'm not done I'm Omilio, and interviews thought you could hold Sparks in the hood
[Jay-Z] And you like it
[Young Chris] All those haters talkin sh_t we don't like it
[Beanie Sigel] We love it That black mask, black glove sh_t Roll up on him don't budge, b_tch With my mack, and my tech And my vest, just like that For them n_ggas thinkin' Mack Milli not really from the streets I'm that gallstone trapped in the belly of the beast
[Rell] Those seen here we'll lead you forever And we will not leave you, never As one And our voices will ring
([Sparks:] "rrriinngg") together
[Young Chris] AAAWWWWW
[Freeway] It's young Free Move, workin' the wheel Hand jerkin' the V Busters don't let you crossed the line Thinkin I'm off my job But I'm on like Chris when he popped his cuz Thinkin them slugs'll fly
[Peedi Crakk] Call me P.C. Tempers feelin', I peel Look how I'm killin' the wheel The fitted tilt to the left The shirt blend with the sweats Your girls skirts invest She undressin', don't stare
[Jay-Z] Check the picture n_gga I'm the one What you think I'd do to the brain of that dame you brung Young H-O, a game of one Listen hon, twist one, this Armi, sip some When I'm done It's only 40 proof, it feel like 151 Make a run with The Roc Rock Air Force 1's Rock a bun, hide sh_t in her hair when I come It's Hov the Hustler, I'm having one hell of a run Through customs, cops can't bust him
[Jay-Z] And you like it
[Young Chris] All those haters talkin' sh_t we don't like it
[Memphis Bleek] No, we love it I got a mommy with a body, don't touch it You can't f_ck wit Young Easy, I on the Just Blaze production You get nothin' We get enough spins Can't stop us from coppin bottles while we clubbin' It's the R-O-C forever, tell the public, huh! Those seen here we'll lead you forever
[Rell] And we will not leave you, never And our voices will ring
([Sparks:] "rrriinngg") together As one
[Young Chris] AAAWWWWW

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