Beach Chair - Jay-Z

(Jay Z)
Life is but a dream to me i dont wanna wake up
30 odd years without having my cake up
so im bout my pap-er
24/7, 365, 366 in the leap year
i dont know why we here
since we gotta be here
life is but a beach chair (chair,chair,chair)
went from having shabby clothes
to crossing over Abbey road
and my angels singing to me (are you happy HOV)
i just hope im hearing right
karma's got me fearing like
Colleek are you praying for me
see i got demons in my past so i got daughters on the way
if the Prophecy's correct than the child shall have to pay
for the sins of the father
so i barter my tommorrows against my yesterdays
in hopes that she'll be O.K.
and when i'm no longer here
to shade her face from the glare
I'll give her my share of Carol's Daughter
and a new beach chair

I hear my angels sing (life is just a dream 4x)

life is but a dream to me
gun shots sing to these
other guys but lullabies don't mean a thing to me
I'm not afraid of dyin'
I'm afraid of not tryin'
everyday hit every wave like im Hawaiian
i don't surf the net
no i never been on myspace
too busy letting my voice vibrate
carving out my space
in this world of fly girls
cut Throats in diamond cut ropes i twirls
business round corners where the sun don't shine
i let the wheels give a glimpse of hope in ones grind
some said "Hov how you get so fly"
i said from not being afraid to fall out the sky
my physicals a shell so when i say farewell
my soul will find an even higher plane to dwell
so fly you shall so have no fear
just know that life is but a beach chair (chair, chair, chair)


life is but a dream cant mimic my life
im the thinnest cut slice
inner cut the winners cup
where winters rough enough to interrupt life
thats why im both saint and sinner...nice
this is jay everyday no compromise
no compus comes with this life just eyes
so to map it out you must look inside
sure books can guide you but your heart defines you chica
your corazon is what brought us on
your great shape like Heidi Klum mighty (gone?, god?) i am on
permanent vaca life is but a beach chair
songs like a hallmark card until you reach here
tilda she's here
and she's declared
free air
i will prepare
a blueprint for you to print a map for you to get back
a guide for your eyes just so you wont lose in
I'll make it stink for you to think i ain't these versus
full of pro's so you wont get con'd out your 2 cents
my last pair of testaments i leave in heir
my share of roc-a-fella records and a shiny new beach chair


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