Coming Of Age - Jay-Z

Jay Z
Come Experience Life As We Know It
As Some Of You Should Know It Yeah Yeah
Place Marcy Brooklyn
Actions Well Y'all Know The Actions

Uhh I Got This Shorty On My Block Always Clockin My Rocks
He Likes The Style And Profile I Think He Wanna Mock
He Likes The Way I Walk He Sees My Money Talkin
To Honies Hawkin I'm The Hottest N_gga In New York And
I See His Hunger Pains I Know His Blood Boils
He Wanna Run With Me I Know This Kid'll Be Loyal
I Watched Him Make A Few Ends To Cop His Little Sneakers And Gear
Then It's Just Enough For Re Up Again
I See Myself In His Eyes I Moved From Levi's
To Guess To Versace Now It's Diamonds Like Liberace
That's Just The Natural Cycle Nobody Wanna Be Like Michael
Where I'm From Just Them N_ggaz Who Banned From A Gun
We Out Here Trying To Make Hard White Into Cohhhhld Green
I Can Help Shorty Blow Out Like Afro Sheen
Plus I Can Relive My Days Of Youth Which Is Gone
That Little N_gga's Peeps It's Time To Put Him On

Chorus Jay Z And Memphis Bleek

It's Time To Come Up And Hold My Own Weight Defend My Crown
Gots To Lock It Down And When They Rush Stand My Ground
It's Time To Come Up Stick Up My Chest And Make Some Loot
Gots To Lock It Down And When They Rush Stand On My Own Two

Memphis Bleek
I'm Out Here Slingin Bringin The Drama Tryin To Come Up
In The Game And Add A Couple Of Dollar Signs To My Name
I'm Out Here Servin Disturbin The Peace Life Could Be Better
Like My Man Reclined In Plush Leather Seats
He's Sellin Weight I'm Sellin Eight Balls
Sixteen Tryin To Graduate To Pushin Quarters Y'all
I Ain't Gon' Sweat Him I'ma Let Him Come To Me
If He Give Me The Nod Then These N_ggaz Gon' See
I'm Tired Of Bein Out Here Round The Clock
And Breakin Day And Chasin Crackers Up The Block For My Pay
I'm Stayin Fresh So Chickens Check
I'm Tryin To Step Up To The Next Level Pushin Vettes To The Jets
Diamonds Reflect From The Sun Directly In Your Equilibirum
And Stunned I'm Waitin For My Day To Come
I Got The Urge To Splurge I Don't Wanna Lifetime Sentence
Just Give Me The Word


Jz Hey Fella I Been Watchin You Clockin
Mb Who Me Holdin Down This Block It Ain't Nothin
You The Man N_gga Now Stop Frontin
Jz Hahahh I Like Your Style
Mb Nah I Like Yo' Style
Jz Let's Drive Around Awhile
Mb Cool N_gga
Jz Here's A Thou'
Mb A G I Ride Witchu For Free
I Want The Longterm Riches And B_tches
Jz Have It All Now Listen To Me
You Let Them Other N_ggaz Get The Name Skip The Fame
Ten Thou' Or A Hundred G Keep Yo' Sh_t The Same
Mb On The Low
Jz Yeah The Only Way To Blow
You Let Your Sh_t Bubble Quietly
Mb And Then You Blow
Jz Hey Keep Your Cool
The Only Way To Peep A Fool Is Let Him Show His Hand
Then You Play Your Cards
Mb Then He Through Dealin I Understand
Jz Don't Blow Your Dough On Hotties
Mb The Only Thing I Got In This World Is My Word And My Nuts
And Won't Break Em For Nobody
Jz Hah I Like Resume Pick A Day You Can Start
Mb From Now Until Death Do Us Part

Chorus 2x

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