Da Graveyard - Jay-Z

It's the number one crew in the area.

Big L:
Big L be lightin' n_ggas like incense
Gettin' men lynched to win tits
I'm killin' infants for ten cents
Cause I'm a street genius with a unique penis
Got fly chicks on my d_ck that don't even speak English
I'm makin' ducks shed much tears
I buck queers
I don't have it all upstairs but who the f_ck cares?
I'm grabbin' brews takin' fast swiggas
I get cash and stash figures and harass them b_tch ass n_ggas
After you you're gonna get scared next
And if ya squad flex
I'm lettin' off like Bernard Getts
A tech nine is my utensil
Fillin' n_ggas with so much led they can use they d_ck for a pencil
I'm known for snatchin' purses and bombin' churches
I get more p_ssy on accident then most n_ggas get on purpose
I got drug spots from New York to Canada
Cause Big L be f_ckin' with more keys than a janitor

Lord Finesse:
Now it's the dictator who's style is greater
It's the man with more wild flavors than motherf_ckin' Now & Laters
And rappers I hit 'em well
They automatically go to heaven f_ckin' with me cause I give 'em hell
So don't try to front troop
When your style is played out just like an Oshkosh jumpsuit
I'm out to collect figures
I'm on some Wu-Tang sh_t so Protect Ya f_ckin' Neck n_gga
Not a role model I'm a bad figure
When it comes to rap I got skills out the ass n_gga
I got it locked like a warden
Rap without Finesse is like the NBA without Jordan
So all ya new jacks kickin' wack raps
It's a fact that
I'll be on your f_ckin' back like a napsack
It ain't sh_t you can tell me
Cause b_tches still jock me without a motherf_ckin' LP

It's the number one crew in the area
"Known for sendin' garbage MCs to the graveyard" (x2)

Microphone Nut:
Yo I got a death wish
That's why I talk so much motherf_ckin' sh_t
I want these b_tch motherf_ckers to try to flip
So I can fill up this clip and stick the gun between they lips like a
And let 'em smoke the four fifth
? no need to lie or cry it's time motherf_cker to die
Because to me death is like sex
And if my brain was a deck of cards I'd be missing a whole deck
Strap up a Mac clack clack motherf_ckers are runnin' like rats
The blind bats are f_ckin' crazed cats
Cause the Microphone let's loose
And you're wonderin' how the f_ck did this madman get cut loose
>From 25 consecutive 25 the life is
For murderin' up some f_ckin' white kids
These were the kids of the prison guards
Then I startin' killin' squads of prison guards in the prison yard
One two everybody's through
The Microphone Nut flew over the prison walls without a clue
And now I'm decked to hawk sh_t and talk sh_t
Whoever flaunts sh_t I leave 'em unconscious
I run through ya with a maneuver and German luger
Wreck like Das EFX straight out the f_ckin' sewer
Please show me where the crack is at
While they quarter crack the sack I crack they backs like Cracker Jacks
So I'm the one you should run from
Because the Microphone Nut is like a motherf_ckin' stun gun

The way I rock
No way you could stop
I shock pop and drop when Jay gets hot
When I'm in the zone better hold ya own
Cause I like to break when I finish a poem
Pound for p-p-pound the best around
No way you can get up when I get down
I shake rattle and roll and wreck sh_t like none
And beat a n_ggas ass half silly on da one
F_ckin' A f_ckin' Jay ill with skill
So ladies step up I get around like a wheel
I'm never chokin' off chronic skills are bonic
B_tches will treat me like Onyx
Respect that I'll peel a punks cap back and sign it
Creep through your block f_ck a glock I step
Through your neighborhood armed with nothing but a rep
I'm giving these ladies something they can feel cause I'm real
Ya man get outta line and it's kill kill kill

Hook (x2)

Party Arty of Ghetto Dwellaz:
Yo ya step up and you'll get played like the small fry
I'm throwin' n_ggas off the roof said you wanna be the four guy
So mess around you'll be a dead man
I get hype Tonite's The Night like Redman
Nuff respect to Big L who get wreck
Chiggidy check yourself cause I ain't workin' with a full deck
I'm lethal, eatin' people
Not Jeffery Dahmer I'm the sequel
Head Or Gut like Illegal
So what cha want?
Yo I'm strapped with the gats step up plap plap
I'm leavin' caps in your back fool
I rip tracks wanna say peace to hip hop
A n_gga disagree bring it on and get dropped
I get wreck I'm Party Arty so hit the deck
The kid with the tech smokin' n_ggas like cigarettes
Now some ask me how I'm gettin' jewels
I say big up big up it's a stick up stick up
I stick and move

Big L:
And that's how we do. So Y.U. grab the gat and let loose

Yo rat tat tat I got the gat cocked
N_gga we ghost man a punk?
I let it roast and leave your p_ssy ass comatose
I'm shootin' up like the west is
F_ck suggestions
I'll blow out a n_ggas intestines
Better dip fast quick fast or you won't last
One blast will put your ass in a body cast
And I be killin' for rep get ill in a sec
Nine mil on your neck blood spill is still in effect
Constantly comittin' grand larceny
Arsony n_ggas don't want no parts of me
Never past up a fast buck ask the last duck
His jewels were truck he got his ass stuck
So what the f_ck is you sayin' hop?
I'm wanted for slayin' cops
Who's ever around when I be sprayin' drops
But I ain't givin' a f_ck who gets hit
N_ggas coppin' pleas but I ain't tryin' to hear sh_t
I'll burn you faggot n_ggas like toast
If you die and come back I shoot your spirit
now your ass is just a holy ghost
You tried to play me to the left
You better put a target on your head
cause you're marked for death (echo)

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