Hate - Jay-Z

(Jay-Z Talking)
Haters Haters, These n_ggas is haters
And I made myself so easy to love

[Kanye Verse 1]
How much they hate it? VERY
Kiss girls like Katy Perry
I am never sprung
But I spring her....Jerry
Don't try this at home
Results may vary
KING like T.I.
But in the Chi....Larry

[Jay-Z Verse 1]
Both are American Gangsters
You choose whose colder
Rappers get nasty in the booth but I'm grosser
I can't even stomach myself ulcer
More realer cuz I'm closer
Had girlies in girdles wearin' more than they 'spose to
Poser....No sir
My hustle? So Russell
I stretch work....Yoga
You know I got it down dog
Al Roker I used to knock pounds off
It ain't nothing for me to knock nouns off
And these emcees prayin' for my down fall
They just haters, I wave at you I'm so player
I never be done, Im so RA-RE

[Kayne West Verse 2]
We killin the game it's not FAI-R
You motherf_ckers stay right THE-RE
Cuz we too high up in the AI-R
We blastin' off just like a Laser
N_gga pyoom-pyoom-pyoom!
Gimme back Gimme room-room-room
DB-9 like vroom-vroom-vroom
Young Hov what we doin-doin-doin?

[Jay-Z Verse 2]
We ballin'....b_tches
Eatin' y'all food leavin' dishes
Why these n_ggas always talkin' Lear talk 'Ye?
Why I never see 'em at the clear port 'Ye?
Why I always hear they at the airport?
While I fly daily like I'm in the Air Force
Therefore...please stop my ears off
With millionaire talk you haters
Mad at me cuz your paper
Need to get its muthaf_ckin' weight up
Hold up wait up....I ain't done
Name one thing that I ain't done
It hurts when you say that I ain't the one
You haters....How do I gain your FA-VOR
I need to know cuz I CA-RE
I need you to love me I swear look hey-er
See 'Ye is runnin' the Chi like Gale Sayers
I'm running New York I got the MA-YOR
On my PA-GER Ya can't fade us
You hate us, I need you stay the-re
I breathe you like AI-R....Yay-er
Yeah, yeah, yeah Yayer
Yeah, yeah, yeah Yayer
Where are my haters? I love all my haters
Love all my haters, I love all my haters
Where all my haters? Hater....Yayer

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