I Did It My Way - Jay-Z feat Paul Anka

[singing: Paul Anka + (Jay-Z)] Now, the end is near (Can you believe this sh_t Guru?) So I face (I'm from the hood man) the final curtain (No the REAL hood the hood, not the RAP hood) My friends, I'll say it clear (pair of sneakers) (The REAL hood, like three pair of pants) (My moms is bustin her ass) State my case (You understand what I'm sayin? Can you believe that?) I lived a life that's full (They have people, waitin) (N_gga I'm goin to Japan tomorrow!) Which I'm certain (at the airport like five days like I'm a Beatle or somethin) (Seen the best of the best, the worst of the worst) and more Much more than this (still here) I did it myyyyyy wayyyyyyy (That's really somethin!) And I travelled each, and every highway Let's try this one Uhh, yeah... gangsta n_gga!

[Jay-Z + (singer)] Put my hustle down, tore the game up n_gga Took your high score down, put my name up n_gga Tore the doors down 'til the Hall of Fame is Jigga I did it my way (and more.. much more than this) That's right, it's a beautiful thing man! (I did it myyyyyy wayyyyyyy) I did it my way -- Hovi baby! Momma's youngest and strongest, survived summers like saunas Mastered a corner like Deion in his uniform Pop hurtin assertive, flirted with death Damn near murdered before my first album hit the shelf Grandma's favorite, she could not understand how there's people in the world who wouldn't want me as a neighbor Has to explain to her, you think these folks want me in the penthouse as a reminder that I make top paper? Black entrepeneur, nobody did us no favors Nobody gave us sh_t, we made us The Rap Pack, I'm Sinatra, Dame's Sam Davis Big's the smart one on the low like Dean Martin We came in this game, not beggin n_ggaz pardon Demandin y'all respect, hand over a check And while y'all at it, hand over the jet We the reason they ain't hand over Def Jam so quick I was raisin the stock up, while buildin the Roc up They new every year I was droppin new product But that's alright, cause they knew they had to see us Je-je-jeah! When it was time for us to re-up, make us multi-million-ires (And more, much more than this; I did it myyyyyy wayyyyyyy) Jeah! "In My Lifetime" I caught smaller cases, but I had capital Hypocritic system let me right back at you You better hope a rich rapper never attacks you They don't give a sh_t unless the accused just happen to rap Not even that scratches you, 'specially if you black dude And they can look good by paintin him as bad news Cause in my past, I seen dudes get half of they views exposed to the curb and nobody said a word So imagine how disturbed I was Let me explain exactly how this sh_t was When I seen how big they made my fight scene at the club This n_gga Un yo I scratched him, he went home without an aspirin It's in the past and I'm glad, now I'm back to bein Hova But it's cool cause he's back friends, and half-inning is over Me back with the chaffeur, laid back Helicopter seat, feat inclined, sh_t feelin like a sofa Helicopter meet me, Teta Vero(?) take me over somewhere peaceful for the weekend now it's back to speakin of vultures So the next time that page six approaches us Here's a quote from Jay, n_gga I did it my - way (And more, much more than this; I did it myyyyyy wayyyyyyy)

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