Minority Report - Jay-Z feat Ne-Yo

[Jay Z:]
People were poor before the hurricane came, for the down pour poured like maryy J sang
every day it rains, so every day the pain, let em ignore them, showed em the rents was the plain...
for life is a chain, cause and effected, n_ggas on the chain because the effected
its a dirty game so whatever its effective...from weed to selling kane, got put that into effect..shii
wouldn't you loot if you didn't have the loot, babby needed food and u stuck on the roof, helicopter
swooped down just to get a scoop, through his telescopic lens but he didn't scoop you..
the next 5 days no help ensued, they called you a refuge because you seek refuge..the commander and chief just flew by, stop no he had a couple seats, just through...jet blue he is not, jet blue by the spot, but if he ran out of jet fuel and just dropped..hah
that would have been something to watch helicopters doing fly bys to take a couple of shots, couple of portraits that ignored em
he'd be just another bush surrounded by orkids...poor kids just because they were poor kids, left em on their porches same old story in new orleans...silly rappers, because we got a couple porches, mtv stopped by to film my fortressess, we forget the infortunate, sure pony'd up a meal, but i didn't give my time, so in reality i didn't give a dime or a damn, i just put my moneys' in the hands of the same people that left my people stranded...nutta but a bandid left them folks abandoned, damn...that money that we gave was just a bandaid kiss and said that we're better off then we were before..in synopsis this is my minority report..can't say we better then we are better off then we were before...in synopsis this is my minority report...

So many times i'm coverin my eyes, winking through my fingers , tryin to hide my ..frustration at the way that we treat (seems like we don't even care)

Turn on the tv...seein the pain..censored, such a shame...just tryin to go on with my life...of that i to am guilty (seems like we don't even care)

So send a little money, and tell them its alright .... To be able to sleep at night, you will pay that price while some of these folks lost their whole life (seems like we don't even care) Now it wasn't on the nightly news no more, so it really didn't matter to u no more...in the end almost nothing has changed, what the hell...what was that for?
(seems like we don't even care)

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