What They Gonna Do - Jay-Z feat Sean Paul

Yo Yo Yo, Yo Yo Yo [Sean Paul] Show out her wild side, stick out her backside [Chorus: Jay-Z] If you with me, throw the diamond up one time Ladies, if you with me, just grind to the bass line And make her show out her wild side Homey, don't be scared to grab her from behind (Sean Paul) Stick out her backside [Verse 1: Jay-Z] Got money, got broads, got a crew with me Real as banana clips, I got a Sue with me Now what the f_ck they gon' do with me Get down or lay down n_gga to shoot with me Now how the f_ck they gon' deal with me You scared motherf_cker, keep it real with me, keep it real with me I ain't going nowhere, they gotta deal with me Got the whole BK ready to kill with me Now what the f_ck they gon say to me Got to clap, yi mean all day with me, CLAP, yi mean Don't play with me, CLAP, yi mean Stay with me, don't lose me y'all And please don't confuse me with dog, I'm different I bought it back for a living 33 O's on a b_tch back like Pippen 3 She can keep for herself and distribute 36 O's and a ki, you do the addition Before Mitchell and Ness did it I was moving birds like a Oriole fitted I'm Cal Ripken Jr. let's get it [Chorus] [Verse 2: Jay-Z] Hon' what they gon' say to you Tell'em don't play with you, get'em away from you Got your hair did and your favorite shoes You need a baller like I, call'em like I See'em like naaaa No, you not balling that's Pro-Am sh_t Move over y'all amateurs Stop falling asleep that's old man sh_t Oh, stop calling that's hoe-man sh_t Be up in it so long, get my calls transferred in it No more minute man in it Get my Soundscan, BDS, and Market and Glance in it I stands up in it like a champ up in it [Chorus] [Verse 3: Jay-Z] What they gon do' You got starch in your flow All sorts of flow, Rembrandt, Rilkey I flow too many ways, got a arch in my flow I am art with the flow N_ggas taking it lightly, had to darken the flow Even if I'm filthy, you gotta pardon the flow Way I put it together, tear'em apart with the flow I'm too smart with the flow, you just started the flow Stop it youngin, you 106th & Park with the flow I am pro, as you see I'm off the charts with the flow Actually I'm number one on the charts with the flow In some places they say this, I am God with the flow Like my office, but they're biased, too involved with the flow (Oh no) I am the youth spirit, I am y'all with the flow Troubled man, dare I say, I am Mar with the flow I come up hard but I evolve with the flow Crossover, slam dunk, Rucker Park with the flow [Chorus]

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